Re: Privacy-protecting contact tracer for COVID-19?

On 4/3/20 1:17 AM, Moses Ma wrote:
> Yes, we'll open source everything for this. Our chance to save the 
> world... literally.

Great!  A couple things I think are really important:

- All development should be done in public from the start, on github, as 
opposed to being open sourced later.  This is important for three 
reasons: build public trust; get eyeballs on it early; and crowdsource 
more development help.

- Up-front clarity about the licensing and revenue model, because 
nothing kills public trust more than dashed expectations.  If some parts 
would NOT be free and open source, then be crystal clear from the start 
what those portions would be.

David Booth

Received on Friday, 3 April 2020 14:04:41 UTC