Re: Scope of PDS/IdH/EDV Discussion

On 11/16/19 5:13 PM, Manu Sporny wrote:
> Scope of PDS/IdH/EDV Discussion

Looking forward to the personal data stores discussion today. I've
received far more attendance responses than I was expecting to the
meeting, so we're going to all have to be fairly diligent in keeping the
discussion on track. Here is the proposed agenda:

1. Background, Level Setting, and Goals
2. Plan for Working Together
3. Target Standards Organization
4. Any Other Business

Minutes will be scribed in real-time here:

We will need an experienced scribe for today. Please volunteer when you
join the call.

In order to focus the call, we're going to try to come to consensus on
the following concrete proposals (the proposals are ordered in "should
be easy to come to consensus on" to "might be more difficult to come to
consensus on" order):

PROPOSAL: The communities involved in this discussion have decided to
collaborate on a specification for a foundational layer for personal
data stores, specifically a data model, syntax, and minimum viable
HTTP-based protocol.

PROPOSAL: Each community contributing work to the effort can, at any
time, withdraw from the effort and/or continue to work on their draft in
their own community.

PROPOSAL: The Identity Hubs and Encrypted Data Vaults documents will be
used as use case, requirements, and technical input for the
collaborative effort.

PROPOSAL: The intent is to eventually standardize the work at W3C under
W3C's Royalty-Free Patent policy.  Regular calls will be hosted under
the W3C Credentials Community Group under the aforementioned IPR policy.

We will be looking for principled objections to the above proposals on
the call (if any), and after discussion, looking to see how much support
there is for each proposal.

-- manu

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