[MINUTES] W3C Credentials CG Call - 2019-03-26 12pm ET

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Credentials CG Telecon Minutes for 2019-03-26

  1. Introductions / Reintoroductions
  2. Announcements
  3. Progress on Action Items
  4. DIF Report Out
  Kim Hamilton Duffy and Joe Andrieu and Christopher Allen
  Christopher Allen, Kim Hamilton Duffy, Amy Guy, Ted Thibodeau, 
  Vaughan Emery, Ken Ebert, Justin Richer, Yancy Ribbens, Adrian 
  Gropper, Bohdan Andriyiv, Lucas Parker, Heather Vescent, Moses 
  Ma, Samantha Mathews Chase, Dan Burnett, Chris Webber, Jeff 
  Orgel, Andrew Hughes, Daniel Buchner

Amy Guy: Voip, 92a is rhiaro
Vaughan Emery: Present +

Topic: Introductions / Reintoroductions

Ken Ebert:  SW architect with Sovrin, 6 months, VCWG and DID spec 
  soon. Sovrin is a public utility for all [scribe assist by Adrian 

Topic: Announcements

Kim Hamilton Duffy: https://w3c-ccg.github.io/announcements/
Adrian Gropper: Folks are at KNOW
Kim Hamilton Duffy: https://www.internetidentityworkshop.com/
Adrian Gropper: IIW April 30-May 2
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  DIF SSI Hackathon the day before IIW April 
  29 - Interop - Usecase definition [scribe assist by Adrian 

Topic: Progress on Action Items

Kim Hamilton Duffy: . 
Kim Hamilton Duffy: 
Adrian Gropper: Review survey results - impact and things we 
  might do differently in 2019 Having call in problems, mostly 
  resolved but let us know
Kim Hamilton Duffy: 
Adrian Gropper: DID Issue #59
No he sent regrets
Marcus sent regrets
Christopher Allen:  Assigning #59 to Drummond and Manu [scribe 
  assist by Adrian Gropper]
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  UPort and Dominode missing DID specs [scribe 
  assist by Adrian Gropper]
Kim Hamilton Duffy: 
Adrian Gropper: ... Create DID Explainer - Burn?
Dan Burnett:  Working on DID explainer, resolution vs. 
  dereferencing have affected the work. What the driver is from the 
  TAG? Who is expected to need this? Weekly call with Joe [scribe 
  assist by Adrian Gropper]
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  Working with Joe on use cases - need to know 
  the timing [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Kim Hamilton Duffy: 
Adrian Gropper: ... Need update from steering cmt differences on
Adrian Gropper: Bhodan: Updated issue - enumerates EIP - 
  standards allow you to manage identity - Ethereum relationship to 
Adrian Gropper: ... Complex, dynamic, the EIPs change, see 
  GitHub, research this yourself and please add clarity - uPort or 
  ERC725 , please explain difference
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  ERC780 no longer supported by uPort - clims 
  registry - [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Adrian Gropper: Bhodan: ERC725 now has draft 2 and they do use 
  the 780 registry -
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  Would be great to have an Eth person. Chairs 
  will follow up on Friday. Don't have a place to have a 
  dicoverable place [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Chris Webber:  Thanks for the list. Wouldlike to address 
  discoverability issue. Useful to track down the GitHub names of 
  the people involved are [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Adrian Gropper: ...Concerned that people are saying they are 
  doing DID but are not actually on this community if they claim 
  support and get their input
Adrian Gropper: ...If people talk about DID let them know to join 
Bohdan Andriyiv:  Changing support for 780 [scribe assist by 
  Adrian Gropper]
Adrian Gropper: Main Issue of the Day with Daniel B is on tap:
Adrian Gropper: ChristoperA: Need URL for DIF current project 
  list, wnyone?
Adrian Gropper: Daniel having a hard time connecting

Topic: DIF Report Out

Christopher Allen:  CCG is a coordination poinbt among these 
  different efforts, not hust the DID registry but want suggestions 
  for other projects - have them present at CCG [scribe assist by 
  Adrian Gropper]
Adrian Gropper: ... For 10-15miuntes once a month - please let 
  chairs know - Ecosystem Participant Presentations
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  We're able to work some different topics for 
  now. [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  Looking for DID initiatives and the pre-IIW 
  hackathon - review upcoming efforts - working groups, etc... 
  [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Kim Hamilton Duffy: DIF site: https://identity.foundation
Daniel Buchner:  Productive sessions at KNOW. Working and to 
  discuss on April 29 - 1) DID Authentication with encryption added 
  with docs and OIDC compatible [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Adrian Gropper: ... With Mike Jones
Kim Hamilton Duffy: DIF working groups: 
Adrian Gropper: ... Hoping to codify that and provide a library
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Sidetree: 
Adrian Gropper: ... Another thing Sitetree? Overlay protocol for 
  blockchains to achieve scaled volumes - Microsoft 30-40K / sec 
  DID Auth
Adrian Gropper: ... 1% Consumptopon on test chain. No signatories 
  or censorship
Adrian Gropper: ... Also a group on Ehtereum method to direct ???
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Claims WG: 
Adrian Gropper: ... Also claims manifest - you construct as an 
  issuing party in order to get a claim - 3 of these or 5 of those, 
  etc... Want people to know what they need
Adrian Gropper: ... Also Universal Resolver, of course
Adrian Gropper: Are you using the Claims Manifest?
Daniel Buchner:  Issuer would say what they need as input in 
  order to satisfy the issue. Does not describe the claim you get 
  itself [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Ken Ebert:  Also usable on the verifier end maybe - symmetry 
  interesting to explore [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Daniel Buchner:  How do you find a manifest? is a general 
  problem. [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  Claims Manifest need more examples - some of 
  us haven't gotten to open systems yet - anyone interested please 
  get involved [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Claims manifest issuer<->and also verifier?
Adrian Gropper: ... List of working groups needed How do people 
  get involved in DID Auth
Daniel Buchner:  Oliver T will chair DID Auth workgroup to come - 
  working with Mike Jones - shaping roadmap for production - 
  starting soon [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Kim Hamilton Duffy: 
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  Other working groups? Identifier name 
  discovery? [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Kim Hamilton Duffy: 
Daniel Buchner:  Universal Resolver and have a number of them. 
  Sidetree stuff is major. Microsoft will use and announce in 
  April. These atr the two big [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Universal resolver? Any bridge to legacy systems like Finargo or 
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  Storage and Compute WG? [scribe assist by 
  Adrian Gropper]
Daniel Buchner:  Persoanl data store and Identiity Hubs for 
  storing user idenity data - not just for claims but also for 
  application data - a serverless vision - [scribe assist by Adrian 
Adrian Gropper: ... Across a set of replicated synced devices
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  Universal Resolver bridge to legacy systems 
  like Finargo or Gemalto [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Samantha Mathews Chase: Is there anything connecting to webid?
Bohdan Andriyiv: What is the difference between DIF and CCG, W3C 
  DID working group? Why DIF (in general)? Who is it for? DIF 
Daniel Buchner:  Microsoft working on Identity Experience 
  Framework - claims transformation - making DID claim digestible 
  by Azure - [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Adrian Gropper: Bhodan: What is the difference between DIF and 
  W3C and CCG? What kind of companies?
Daniel Buchner:  DIF is a pre-standards. Will front-run some 
  stuff to speed things up. Might not be a W3C thing. Registry 
  things are an example. Because DIF is not an SDO they can do more 
  stuff [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Adrian Gropper: ... Claims Manifest are an example of industry 
  need come to light
Adrian Gropper: ... DIF gathers industry use cases and drives to
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  DIF is complementary to CCG - communications 
  more open - universal resolver is a great example - incubation of 
  future standards - [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Adrian Gropper: ... In VC it's useful to have more use case info
Kim Hamilton Duffy:  Wrapping up??? Anyone? Next wee we present 
  the Survey [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]

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