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RE: Seeking to update Decentralized Identity related slides

From: Challener, David C. <David.Challener@jhuapl.edu>
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2018 14:19:12 +0000
To: Irene Hernández <irenehernan@gmail.com>, "public-credentials@w3.org" <public-credentials@w3.org>, Markus Sabadello <markus@danubetech.com>
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Hi – I am looking for a good paper that show use cases for DiD that will allow me to explain to someone why an enterprise would want to use it.
I am particularly interested in how a DiD identity can be verified by someone across the country that wants to do business with him.
Just to be clear, in the past privacy has not been a big seller (nor has security, but there have been enough big problems there that enterprises are beginning to take it seriously). So I would like some use cases that don’t involve that.

From: Irene Hernández <irenehernan@gmail.com>
Sent: Friday, November 02, 2018 8:56 AM
To: public-credentials@w3.org; Markus Sabadello <markus@danubetech.com>
Subject: Re: Seeking to update Decentralized Identity related slides

Christopher and all,

I have some experience building nice presentations, I can also help putting something together. I suggest we have 2 to 4 different versions of the slides depending on the target audience (technical vs business) and the context (self-explanatory vs visual support).

Happy to join and coordinate a small taskforce for this purpose.

On Nov 2, 2018, 1:43 PM +0100, Markus Sabadello <markus@danubetech.com<mailto:markus@danubetech.com>>, wrote:


Great idea, I do lots of DID-related talks and often re-use and re-mix
the same material, e.g. see here:

Masterclass on the DID Universal Resolver
Identiverse - Boston, 27th June 2018

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oxv3QMmElYw

Decentralized Identifiers
Protocols Labs' Lab Day - San Francisco, 3rd August 2018

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_gfR95Cpr4

Technologies for Self-Sovereign Identity
Austrian Innovation Forum - Vienna, 10th October 2018

I'm sure it's mostly familiar content, but maybe there are a few extra
ideas, anyway +1 to working together on better slides we can all use.


On 11/2/18 11:33 AM, Christopher Allen wrote:

I’m finding that our decks describing the DID/VC architecture for
decentralized identity and/or the self-sovereign identity principles
we aspire to are diverging, and in many ways are selling to those
already sold on the concepts rather than truly explaining the value

I’m seeking more examples of slide decks to draw ideas from, and I
will prepare a better starting set of slides that we can all use. I
have Manu, Joe’s & Kim’s slides from TPAC, and some recent slides from

If you’ve got something different from these, even if not perfect, I
welcome learning from them.


— Christopher Allen [via iPhone]

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