Re: Updated data model specification document

On 5/24/16 7:34 AM, Daniel Burnett wrote:
> Group,
> I have updated the data model specification draft based on last week's
> discussion.  As before, the document can be found at

For me, this reads well (the Abstract in particular), down as far as 
section 3.1, with one exception.

In the Abstract this sentence:
"People are often able to establish trust by demonstrating that others 
have made valuable claims about their identities."

The word 'valuable' seemed wrong to me ... -- valuable to who, in what 

I was expecting 'verifiable' there; is there a reason why it can't be 
used -- "verifiable claims about their identities". Or "checkable"

Or, if what you want to get at is the basis of that verifiability, 
then the respect or trust of the 'other', which is then bundled into 
the claim that they make, is the real source.

So maybe instead something like:

"People are often able to establish trust by demonstrating that 
respected others have made claims about their identities."

In section 3.1, I became hopelessly confused.

At first I was just confused, but I came back and tried that section 
again a few hours later, and now it's hopeless.  ;-) .


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