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intent of the guidelines:

From: david poehlman <poehlman1@comcast.net>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 15:14:40 -0500
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I like the part of the intro where it is explained that people have 
different needs depending on circumstances as well as challenges and that 
some times such as for instance the idea of captions for videos, things are 
made better for everyone but Then, in the examples that follow, we veer off 
into this clinical model.  One thing that is left out in it if we continue 
to follow it which I hope we dont is that some people have a combination of 
needs.  I know that this is not meant to be an exaustive list but this point 
needs to be made and it is not made in the below so I have taken the liberty 
of inserting some suggested re-writes:

"Someone who cannot hear well will want a visual representation of 
information presented via sound."
*dp* In situations where audio is not hearable, it needs to be made 
available through visual information.

"Someone who cannot see well will want to hear or feel (via braille or 
tactile graphics) an equivalent of the visual information."
*dp* Where it is not possible to use a monitor, information needs to be 
presented in audio and or tactile form.
"Someone who does not have the strength to move quickly or easily will want 
to use as little movement as possible and have as much time as they need 
operating Web interfaces."
*dp* At times, it may be necessary to use the web without the benefit of 
fine motor skills or other motile capabilities.

"Someone who does not read well may want to hear the information read 
*dp* There are times and situations in which it may be best to have the 
information spoken.
... and one of my own...
Multiple issues may also arrise necessitating the use of web interfaces in a 
variety of ways.

These are not written in stone, but as an end user, I feel much more 
comfortable being lumped in with larger groups of people rather than having 
my disability singled out and I am certain that this is true of many. 
Although we are writing these guidelines with the intent of providing the 
ability to access the web to a set of known variables which can be found in 
those with disabilities, as is stated elsewhere in the guidelines, we are 
reaching beyond that classification and it should be reflected through the 

Johnnie Apple Seed
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