Re: Native Messaging (Was: Core API Proposal)

On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 6:34 PM, Florian Rivoal <> wrote:

> If you're working on this now, I think it would be beneficial to have
> discussions in this CG as well. At the very least, documenting where you
> diverge from chrome and why seems useful information for later, and other
> members may have constructive proposals to solve the issues you run into.
> It's not going to be practical to have a *stable* spec for that before the
> core spec is in place, but at the same time, since we're basing it off
> Chrome's model, we have a decent idea of where this is going. I think it
> could make sense to have a stub spec for native messaging that at first
> merely consists of a link to the (unfinished) core spec and a handwavy "do
> native messaging sort of like chrome" prescription, then progressively gets
> filled with issues about what's unclear or what's wrong with that approach,
> and then slowly gets fleshed out with actual spec text.
> Do you think that makes sense? Would someone at Mozilla be interested in
> maintaining a document along these lines in this CG?

I think this makes sense.  I'm hesitant since I think time and attention
from interested parties is likely to be precious and work on the core
specification will give substantially more bang-for-the-buck than work on
this spec.  But, all things considered, it seems like a reasonable thing to
do and I'm willing to contribute from this end.  I'll contact you off-list
to talk specifics.


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