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[Bug 23309] New: Define interactable vs visible (Friday, 20 September)

[Bug 20860] WebDriver Spec V1 (Friday, 20 September)

Clarification of isDisplayed behaviour Paul Money (Friday, 20 September)

[Bug 23273] New: dictionary can not be used for a type in WebIDL (Wednesday, 18 September)

WebIDL bug in WebDriver Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Wednesday, 18 September)

[Bug 23117] New: iPad (Saturday, 31 August)

Add a way to get hashes of screenshots James Graham (Wednesday, 21 August)

[Bug 23020] New: The use of "window" to mean "top level browsing context" is confusing. (Tuesday, 20 August)

Next F2F meeting: TPAC, November Wilhelm Joys Andersen (Monday, 19 August)

Proposal for supporting Web Components and Shadow DOM Marc Fisher (Thursday, 15 August)

[Bug 22987] New: Proposal: Shadow DOM support in WebDriver (Friday, 16 August)

[Bug 22825] New: Web (Monday, 29 July)

[Bug 22658] New: When I browse "http://localhost/index", the "http://localhost/index.php" script is executed. (Friday, 12 July)

[Bug 22653] New: Container visibility when children are visible, but parent is hidden (Friday, 12 July)

[Bug 22652] New: Update visibility/getText algorithm to handle HTML5 hidden attribute (Friday, 12 July)

[Bug 17763] shared computer (Friday, 12 July)

Reminder - Friday get together - Action 6 David Burns (Wednesday, 10 July)

Announce: Browser Testing WG f2f meeting 11-12 November at W3C TPAC in Shenzhen, China Michael[tm] Smith (Monday, 1 July)

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