Re: Proposal for supporting Web Components and Shadow DOM

Sorry for the late chime in.

I would agree with Ken after looking at what our current proposal[1] 
creates! Just hanging it off WebElement and then searching from there 
with just a call to get all the shadow roots which returns a list of 
WebElements and element[<index>].find_element('<type>', '<identifier of 

Marc and Ken, do you want to take a bash at updating the spec to contain 
what we have discussed here and uploading a patch to the W3C Bug[2] ?



On 20/08/2013 21:07, Ken Kania wrote:
> You understand correctly.  I thought most stuff would work fine since 
> I think we allow the Document to be treated as a WebElement, but there 
> might be some stuff that needs to be fixed or perhaps throw an error for.
> On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 2:05 PM, Marc Fisher < 
> <>> wrote:
>         They would be scoped based on the element id you give to
>         search under
>     So the command to get the shadow roots from a WebElement would
>     return a list of WebElements? Shadow roots aren't actually HTML
>     element objects, but I suppose from the POV of WebDriver that that
>     doesn't actually matter very much. It does probably mean that most
>     of the element/:elementId/... commands will fail if the :elementId
>     corresponds to a shadow root (or they could be redirected to the
>     owning HTML element I suppose).
>     I would be fine with this suggestion, assuming I understand it
>     correctly.
>     Marc

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