Clarification of isDisplayed behaviour

Section 10.1 steps to determine if an element is visible to a user
does not detail behaviour of elements obscured by other elements.

14.3.1 Clicking does mention it in a note: "the implementation should
not allow clicking on elements that are obscured by other elements". I
think this should extend to isDisplayed too, and be more explicit.

For example, consider

<a id="link" href="#">link</a>
<div style="background: black; width: 100%; height: 100%; position:
absolute; top:0; left:0;"></div>

For the user, this is a black screen and the link is not clickable.
But in my tests running webdriver against chrome, firefox and phantoms
the click succeeds.

I fear the click succeeding is interpreted as to-spec by implementors
but it's not very useful for testing whether a user would be able to
click the element.



Received on Friday, 20 September 2013 16:20:16 UTC