Re: VISS CR diff

Hi Ted,

Thank you for the updates. I have pushed a minor update to the menu layout
which your diff document was very useful in highlighting. I have also
pushed an update to change the following:

   - Removed "added concept of private and public data branches" - as this
   was in the FPWD, but the text has since been rearranged
   - Changed "changed getVSS *method *to getMetadata" to "changed
getVSS *action
   *to getMetadata", to avoid confusion between this and the line above

The remaining changes were for clarification rather than changes to the
core API, such as the change to JSON Schema, new examples and the addition
of further diagrams, so I agree that these shouldn't be highlighted here.

Kind regards,


On 5 February 2018 at 18:47, Ted Guild <> wrote:

> Adam and Kevin,
> In the status section of VISS, I need to provide a link to a html diff
> compared to our previous publication and enumerate the substantive
> changes. Please take a quick review and let me know if there are any
> glaring omissions on my part or if you want any rewording changes.
> I removed <italics> within <strong> as that isn't valid markup and
> changed a png filename to replace spaces with _.
> html
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