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Re: Implemetation report for VISS

From: 이원석 <wonsuk.lee@etri.re.kr>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2018 01:04:13 +0000
To: "ted@w3.org" <ted@w3.org>, "Winzell, Peter" <peter.winzell@volvocars.com>, Shinjiro Urata <shinjiro.urata@access-company.com>, Magnus Gunnarsson <magnus.gunnarsson@melcogot.com>
CC: public-automotive <public-automotive@w3.org>
Message-ID: <7425F8D4-7A8C-4404-ABE8-8EA6D9C725AC@etri.re.kr>
Thanks for making a space for implementation summary of VISS. I did test my implementation with test cases from Urata during around two weeks in the last Dec. I think we did do very nice work together. My implementation had pass more than 85% of test cases but still need more effort to reach to the final.

Kind regards,

2018. 2. 6. 오전 3:08, "Ted Guild" <ted@w3.org> 작성:

    In preparing VISS for CR, I need to provide a link for where we will
    collect information on implementation reports and test suites. I
    started a placeholder wiki page for that. Please feel free to
    contribute directly.

    Ted Guild <ted@w3.org>
    W3C Systems Team


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