Remainder of the year (was Re: Proposed call schedule change)

Next week I will be in Europe and our WG call would be 2am local time.
As a result those calls have had low attendance which is part of the
appeal to this new schedule. 

I am canceling next week's WG call. I would be nice to wrap up the
outstanding issue for VISS by email.

Since there have been no comments from those who were not at the F2F to
the proposed schedule, I am interpreting silence as consent and will
work on WebEx coordinates, reminders and such.

The BG is scheduled to meet next on the 12 December. I will be in
Detroit but available.

The next WG call would be on the 19th of December although some are
likely starting their holidays. I am traveling overnight (redeye
flight) and that morning but unless there are flight delays can make

What probably makes the most sense is to have the 12th BG meeting be
the last of the year and to allow for WG topics to be included.

On Tue, 2017-11-28 at 17:03 -0500, Ted Guild wrote:
> At the F2F meeting there was a proposal to change our call cadence
> and
> time. There was a agreement with the attendees but want acceptance
> from
> the broader group.
> Starting with the New Year, January 2018, the Auto WG should start
> meeting weekly instead of twice a month. It should rotate so as to be
> accommodating to various time zones. There are uncomfortable times in
> each of the major timezones covered and it is expected people may opt
> out of attending those, instead relying on minutes, email and
> subsequent meetings.
> Tuesdays 
> CEST: 6am / 3pm / 11pm
> EDT: 12am / 9am / 5pm
> PDT: 9pm / 6am / 2pm
> BST: 5am* / 2pm / 10pm
> JST & KST: 1pm / 10pm / 6am
> An automated reminder will be sent and ideally the Chairs and I will
> settle on an agenda that can be sent in advance so people can decide
> if
> they want to stay up late/get up early for a particular call. 
> If a particular meeting is canceled then that time is skipped for
> that
> rotation and does not carry over to the following week since that
> would
> complicate how some may configure their calendars.
> When we discussed we also felt it would make sense to have the
> Business
> Group call, currently at a fixed time on the second Tuesday of the
> month, immediately follow the Working Group call. The combined
> Business
> and Working Group meeting would have a total duration of one hour and
> thirty minutes. The time would generally be divided evenly but can
> take
> into consideration whether a topic for one may need more discussion.
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