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[auto-wg] minutes - 25 August 2015 Kazuyuki Ashimura (Tuesday, 25 August)

W3C Automotive WG Phone Meeting Paul Boyes (Tuesday, 25 August)

F2F Minutes 2015-07-28 & 29 Ted Guild (Tuesday, 25 August)

i18n-ISSUE-487: Consider adding a language tag to indicate the language of an error message Steven Atkin (Friday, 21 August)

i18n-ISSUE-485: Inconsistent use of data type for tilts and pans Steven Atkin (Friday, 21 August)

i18n-ISSUE-483: Temperature data type for Temperature Interface uses different data types Steven Atkin (Friday, 21 August)

"i18n-ISSUE-481: Inconsistent data type for temperatures Steven Atkin (Friday, 21 August)

i18n-ISSUE-482: Inconsistent data type for levels Steven Atkin (Friday, 21 August)

i18n-ISSUE-486: Should units of speed vary in the specification Steven Atkin (Friday, 21 August)

i18n-ISSUE-484: Use BCP47 instead of ISO 639-1 for identifying languages Steven Atkin (Friday, 21 August)

Fwd: [IG-SP] Review of Security&Privacy Requirements Catalogue Paul Boyes (Wednesday, 19 August)

W3C Automotive WG Phone Meeting Paul Boyes (Tuesday, 18 August)

Fwd: JLR CAN Firewall project Paul Boyes (Wednesday, 12 August)

APTPOD Visual M2M presentation Junichi Sakamoto (Wednesday, 5 August)

[Minutes] 2015-08-04 Auto WG Ted Guild (Wednesday, 5 August)

High Level Use Case Process Overview Paul Boyes (Tuesday, 4 August)

REMINDER: W3C Automotive WG Phone Meeting Paul Boyes (Tuesday, 4 August)

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