Re: How to play back synthesized 22kHz audio in a glitch-free manner?

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>> Actually, as co-editor of the use case document I am very interested in
>> understanding why the arbitrary concatenation of buffers is important. When
>> would this technique be used by a game? Is this for stitching together
>> prerecorded backgrounds?
> The vast majority of video games that natively render audio do so by
> polling the current state of the read head in the audio output driver, or
> by broadcasting and acting on callbacks when a frame of audio has been
> consumed by the audio output driver.
> In other words, "arbitrary concatenation of buffers" is done by every
> pre-existing bit of game audio tech out there, and to integrate Web Audio
> with any of them, you'll need an object which supports it.
> Integrating pre-existing audio engines with Web Audio will require the
> existence of a Web Audio object that double or triple buffers audio input
> and sends callbacks or, at the absolute minimum, information on the current
> state of read and write heads, when a particular frame of data is consumed.

The AudioBufferSourceNode *is* designed to stich together snippets of audio
with sample accuracy *if* the sample-rate/playback-rate of the sample data
is the same as the context.

Also, the ScriptProcessorNode (with a suitably large buffer size), *is* a
callback based system which delivers semi-regular callbacks.

There is another API called the Media Source API, which allows audio data
to be pushed into an <audio> or <video> element.

There has been some discussion of allowing an AudioContext to be created at
a specific sample-rate, which can handle some of these sample-rate cases
when used in conjunction with AudioBufferSourceNode.


> As designed, the AudioBufferSourceNode interface nor the
> MediaElementAudioSourceNode interface seems to handle this use case.
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