Re: aria-valuestep or equivalent needed to make range widgets operable by AT

Windows phones (Win10/Edge) seem to deal fine with ARIA sliders when 
running with Narrator.
Can we look to see what they are doing in order to enable this without 

On 5/16/2016 8:37 PM, James Craig wrote:
> ARIA group,
> A long-standing problem with ARIA sliders is that they can only be made partially accessible, and only on keyboard-based interfaces. There have been some recent brainstorms and discussions about what it would require to make custom ARIA sliders directly operable by AT (for example, on touch screen devices).
> One of the missing links is an a direct equivalent to the @step attribute on <input type="range">.
> Please consider adding @aria-valuestep (or an equivalent attr) for range widgets such as sliders. Ideally this would be an addition to ARIA 1.1 to match HTML and allow for future AT support.
> Thanks,
> James Craig

Regards, James

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