Re: aria-valuestep or equivalent needed to make range widgets operable by AT

Is there a component for potential ARIA 1.2 issues? Even though 1.1 is
nearly locked down I think from time to time we'll keep coming up with
small issues like this, but it seems fine to set it aside for a while as we
have a place to keep track of it.

- Dominic

On Tue, May 17, 2016 at 7:59 AM Richard Schwerdtfeger <>

> Thank you for raising this issue. We are trying to lock down ARIA 1.1 for
> June as HTML 5.1 and SVG2 are all trying to lock down. This is also an
> objective of our group. We lost a minimum of 3 months in addressing charter
> issues.
> If we are going to address this issue and it is really necessary we should
> consider a very small ARIA 1.2. I checked with Freedom Scientific today and
> they do not, for any browser or native Windows application announce step
> information. Additionally, MSAA/IA2 used by both Firefox and Chrome does
> not have a step value in its value interface. We would need to either
> create a modification to the value interface or we would need to stick it
> in an object attribute. Then we would need to convince at least one AT that
> it is important to provide the information.
> I am not saying this does not have value. However, introducing a new issue
> now would cause all of this work to get out of synch. We are trying to lock
> down:
> SVG2 Accessibility
> HTML 5.1 Accessibility
> ARIA 1.1
> ARIA Graphics
> and all the associated mapping specifications. We are also looking at
> creating automated testing. Our plate is full.
> I recommend we make this an ARIA 2.0 issue and then decide if we should
> make an ARIA 1.2 (a very limited release) and then discuss whether we bring
> this in. Getting this all resolved from APIs to ATs to the spec. will take
> some time.
> What is extremely important is that we lock down ARIA 1.1 and get working
> on Web Components as well as a JavaScript accessibility API which many
> browser vendors want. The charter delay set us back 3 months in getting on
> that. I would like to really be able to focus on Web Components at TPAC.
> Rich
> > On May 16, 2016, at 10:37 PM, James Craig <> wrote:
> >
> > ARIA group,
> >
> > A long-standing problem with ARIA sliders is that they can only be made
> partially accessible, and only on keyboard-based interfaces. There have
> been some recent brainstorms and discussions about what it would require to
> make custom ARIA sliders directly operable by AT (for example, on touch
> screen devices).
> >
> > One of the missing links is an a direct equivalent to the @step
> attribute on <input type="range">.
> >
> > Please consider adding @aria-valuestep (or an equivalent attr) for range
> widgets such as sliders. Ideally this would be an addition to ARIA 1.1 to
> match HTML and allow for future AT support.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > James Craig
> >
> >

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