Re: Password role proposal: Freedom Scientific response

The group believes that is a slippery slope. HTML would not require SHOULDs to be implemented for exiting CR and the group will not require it be a MUST. 

That said, I will make a strong effort to get the 2 implementations you requested. We are months away from CR exit. We should be able to do it.


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>> From: 'Janina Sajka' []
>> Sent: 26 April 2016 17:04
>> And, have you ever Seen Apple, or Microsoft, or Freedom pre-announce
>> features? They're closed code shops, and they're not going to tell you
>> -- never have -- what they're going to do tomorrow or later on this
>> afternoon.
>> There's a correct horse and cart order here, let's not forget.
> There is. We should require appropriate interoperability before ARIA 1.1
> exits CR. It may be something new, but we should include screen readers
> within the interop requirement - not because we're trying to protect against
> misinterpretation, but because an AT is a non-negotiable part of the
> technology stack required to make ARIA viable.
> Léonie.
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