RE: Authoring Practices split (pull request made last night to old repsoitory)


I made a pull request on the old repository last night to update:

1.      Examples in the “examples” directory

2.      Header element and banner landmark context

3.      Footer element and contentinfo landmark context

Do I need to redo this for the “new” repository?


From: Michiel Bijl []
Sent: Monday, May 02, 2016 6:05 AM
To: ARIA Working Group <>
Cc: aria editors <>
Subject: Authoring Practices split

Dear friends and colleagues,

The ARIA Authoring Practices has successfully been split into its own repository<>. Please make all further edits and pull requests on this repository. All issues and wiki pages are also moved to the new repository.

If you have any questions about the split, feel free to ask them on the list :)


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