ACTION-1490 updates for March 17 ARIA caucus

I posted the following comment in action 1490 describing revisions to the
previous proposal for combobox.


Changes made as a result of March 10, 2016 meeting


Note: The revised combobox proposal is now in branch action1490-combobox:


The branch includes the following changes as a result of the Mar 10


1. Revised definition so that it does not imply that listbox and grid are
classified as popups as opposed to elements that popup.


2. elivated the following normative aria-autocomplete statement from author
SHOULD to author MUST: 

If the combobox provides autocompletion behavior for the text input as
described in aria-autocomplete, 

authors MUST set aria-autocomplete on the textbox element to the value that
corresponds to the provided behavior. 


3. Added an author MUST statement that restricts the role of the popup
element to listbox, tree, grid, or dialog.

And, correspondingly added listbox, tree, grid, and dialog as required owned


Matt King

Received on Thursday, 17 March 2016 01:00:15 UTC