Re: ACTION-1490 updates for March 17 ARIA caucus

Rich, Matt,

(Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to include the public aria list 
last time.)

I had an action to modify the definition for aria-activedescendant in 
light of the changes to combobox.  The changes were made in this branch:

I added a paragraph to the end of the definition:

A special use case is a combobox where its textbox has DOM focus, and 
that textbox employs an aria-activedescendant attribute to reference the 
currently active listbox option. The referenced listbox option is not in 
fact a descendant of the textbox itself, but of its parent combobox 
element. Even so, the aria-activedescendant property is treated by user 
agents as the active descendant of the combobox, and not the textbox.

On 2016-03-16 8:59 PM, Matt King wrote:
> I posted the following comment in action 1490 describing revisions to 
> the previous proposal for combobox.
> Changes made as a result of March 10, 2016 meeting
> Note: The revised combobox proposal is now in branch action1490-combobox:
> The branch includes the following changes as a result of the Mar 10 
> discussion.
> 1. Revised definition so that it does not imply that listbox and grid 
> are classified as popups as opposed to elements that popup.
> 2. elivated the following normative aria-autocomplete statement from 
> author SHOULD to author MUST:
> If the combobox provides autocompletion behavior for the text input as 
> described in aria-autocomplete,
> authors MUST set aria-autocomplete on the textbox element to the value 
> that corresponds to the provided behavior.
> 3. Added an author MUST statement that restricts the role of the popup 
> element to listbox, tree, grid, or dialog.
> And, correspondingly added listbox, tree, grid, and dialog as required 
> owned elements.
> Matt King


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