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We address disabled in attribute in the text. I understand the disabled state. The issue is more with something not being visible and globally available at times and other times not. That can be  confusing to end users.  


> On Mar 15, 2016, at 9:54 AM, Joseph Scheuhammer <> wrote:
> On 2016-03-15 10:23 AM, Rich Schwerdtfeger wrote:
>>> Keyboard shortcuts become unavailable all the time. For example, the "Send" shortcut in a mail application is only available when there is a draft message to send and only when it's the front-most window. Having contextual keyboard shortcuts is a common pattern that does not need to be addressed in the ARIA spec.
>> Previously, this was not an issue because when the keyboardshortcut was hidden it was not active. Now Jason has asked for the keyboard shortcut to be applicable anywhere. He wants to mandate that these be available globally. If we are to relax that restriction then I agree that we don’t need this statement.
> The case that James is referring to (I think) is where a UI widget is disabled, but not hidden.  Continuing with his email example, there may be a tool bar button named "Send", that is enabled when the user is drafting a message, and disabled when the user is not. Since the button is disabled, the keyboard shortcut is non-functional.  Nonetheless, the "Send" tool bar button is visible at all times.
> This points to some interaction between aria-disabled and aria-keyshorcuts, but it's fairly straight forward, since this sort of interaction is common on the desktop.
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