RE: CSUN Dinner on Tuesday around 8 PM

I’m in.



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Subject: CSUN Dinner on Tuesday around 8 PM


Hi all :)


A couple of us will be in San Diego next week to attend CSUN. Jemma had a great idea: let’s meet up after the opening keynote and go out to dinner with a bunch of ARIA people. This would be a great opportunity to meet some of the people we talk to every week face to face.


If anyone knows of a good place to eat that is relatively close to the Hyatt, feel free to make suggestions! The keynote will end around 7, so I think we should aim to have dinner around 8; this will give everybody some time to freshen up, finish a conversation, or get to the restaurant of our choosing.


RSVP to the list and cc me.


Talk soon.


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