Next AAPI mapping call

Hi Joseph,

Please add this action to the next AAPI agenda:

Looking at excluding elements from the accessibility tree:

If I look like if you have role=“none” or “presentation”  then the element is not mapped event if it has another ARIA attribute on it:
"If the first mappable role provided by the author is none <> or presentation <>, the element must not be exposed.”

It talks about presentational children for ancestors that say child presentational is true. 

Although I don’t see this, we know that if you put role=“none” a table that all presentational structural descendants are removed from the accessibility tree unless you put a role on the of the the descendants.  What about an aria- attribute?

We need to discuss on the call. We need this for the SVG AAM work. 


Received on Wednesday, 9 March 2016 21:00:06 UTC