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On 2016-03-09 3:59 PM, Rich Schwerdtfeger wrote:
> Hi Joseph,
> Please add this action to the next AAPI agenda:


Note the related ISSUE-708 and ACTION-1681:

> Looking at excluding elements from the accessibility tree:
> If I look like if you have role=“none” or “presentation”  then the 
> element is not mapped event if it has another ARIA attribute on it:
> "If the first mappable role provided by the author is |none| 
> <> or |presentation| 
> <>, the element 
> must not be exposed.”
> It talks about presentational children for ancestors that say child 
> presentational is true.
> Although I don’t see this, we know that if you put role=“none” a table 
> that all presentational structural descendants are removed from the 
> accessibility tree unless you put a role on the of the the descendants.

See the mappings for presentation in the mapping table, where it states 
how presentation/none applies to tables, lists, etc.:

>  What about an aria- attribute?

 From the ARIA 1.1 specification for role presentation/none:

" ...the user agent MUST always expose global WAI-ARIA states and 
properties to accessibility APIs, even if an element has an explicit or 
inherited role of presentation".

Technically, this isn't a core-aam issue.  What is a core-aam issue is 
that its current wording doesn't clearly reflect the above stricture 
from the spec.  Is the spec going to change in this regard?

> We need to discuss on the call. We need this for the SVG AAM work.

We need this for the core-aam work. I put it on yesterday's agenda, but 
we didn't get that far.
> Thanks,
> Rich
No problem.


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