Re: ACTION-1490 proposal says good bye to the "inline" notion for combobox

On 2016-02-08 3:28 AM, Matt King wrote:
> *Further, for combobox, aria-autocomplete would never be “none” or 
> “inline”. The “inline” value would be used in a textbox that provides 
> autocomplete but does not display a list.*

A combobox that has aria-autcomplete="none" means that it supports 
neither inline nor listbox suggested completions.  The listbox 
autocomplete scenario is where the list items are filtered to show only 
the items that match what the user has typed in the text entry field.  A 
listbox is displayed, but it doesn't show all of its items.

Suppose, for example, the listbox contains the names of all 50 U.S. 
states.  If the user types "A", then the list box shows only the states 
that begin with "A".  If they type "Al", then "Arizona", "Arakansas", 
etc. are removed from the display, further reducing the list of 
available choices.  If the user subsequently deletes the last character 
they typed, then the states that were removed reappear in the listbox.

If aria-autcomplete="none", then no filtering is applied to the 
listbox.  No matter what the user types, the listbox shows all 50 states.


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