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I agree that Brad and Ian covered the rationale, but I remain
unconvinced.  This issue has been raised by at least 3 people, and I
think that others may support the server-side PEP position on the issue.
I disagree with this issue being closed, because I think there is
substantial lack of consensus on this.  We've heard from a few vocal
people but I think the way forward is to gain a clear understanding of
the Working Group's position on this.  I think this is far too hasty.

> I agree Brad and Ian covered the rationale behind the model 
> and I think we now have at least some  documentation in the 
> spec to substantiate this design. Consequently, I'm OK with 
> closing issue this issue.
> However, clearly some of the commentors don't like this 
> model. I'm open to suggestions on how to address these 
> concerns e.g. a new Incubator Group, etc.

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