Re: [web-annotation] Relationship between Motivations and Actions (from

Well .... as I said before, specifies actions, and the 
execution of an action creates a result.

Logically, the creation of an annotation is an action and the result 
is the annotation. 
I think that the most of the actions named by @paolociccarese  would 
create different types of annotation, but we have the problem that the
 Annotation has only one type, and the List of Motivations is quite 
poor in comparison to the Action list.

I see this as an oportunity to improve the Motivations vocabulary, by 
adding missing Motivations, by starting to organize them 
hierarchically and by crosschecking definitions with the definitions 
of the Actions.

PS: I think that the Motivation list should be updated before the CR 
and I also think that is not much effort to do it, given that the 
definitions of missing Motivation can be taken from

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Received on Tuesday, 31 May 2016 14:41:22 UTC