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I must admit I am fairly uneasy about the idea of reorganizing the 
motivations at this point. As @paolociccarese said, motivations are a 
set of SKOS concepts, and they are actually a flat structure, not even
 using the skos terminology to create some form of a hierarchy. 
Defining some sort of a hierarchy to mirror is not an 
obvious thing to do. 

Beyond the timing aspect, I am not even that sure that is a good model. What it says, on the top level:

> An action performed by a direct agent and indirect participants upon
 a direct object. Optionally happens at a location with the help of an
 inanimate instrument. The execution of the action may produce a 
result. Specific action sub-type documentation specifies the exact 
expectation of each argument/role. 

What this suggests (although not really clearly said) is that a schema
 Action is to model an active entity, like a process, widget, or 
something similar which, as the text says, has an 'execution' that may
 even produce a result. An annotation is actually a relationship 
between a target and the body, with a bunch of descriptions of that 
relationship. It is not a process. An action has an 'agent', has 
'participants', etc (worth looking at the examples at the bottom of

My conclusion is that and an Annotation are 
different animals. We should not mix them.

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