Re: [web-annotation] Model should allow multiple Selectors per SpecificResource


> In other words how do we clearly represent the three flavors:
> * multiple targets and independent
> * multiple targets as single units
> * alternative targets

While I understand this is a concern, I would be a big worried about 
introducing a standard mechanism to define these alternatives. I am 
afraid it would complicate things quite considerably: indeed, it would
 require either some explicit structures like 'choice', 'alternative',
 etc, or an extra term with a restricted vocabulary that describes 
what the multiple targets are there for. All these things are of 
course possible, I am not sure they would hit the 80/20 mark...

(As an aside, if we want to continue this discussion, we should spawn 
a separate issue. This is a different topic to the current one.)

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Received on Wednesday, 4 May 2016 07:17:48 UTC