Re: [web-annotation] Selector/media table


> Fragment should probably be ? for other and binary -- we don't know 
what fragment definitions are out there.

Yes, I agree with that.

> Text Quote not for EPUB? EPUB3 as an HTML container seems plausible 
to do at least Text Quote?

Yes, I suppose in a very abstract level a text quote could be used 
(although the implementation is tricky, because the zip file is not 
the same as the HTML element proper (ie, an implementation should 
drill down and test each constituent HTML file...). But I agree that, 
at least conceptually, this sounds right.

> Data Position /could/ be used on anything, including HTML etc. 

Yep, but I do not think we should really go with this, mainly because 
Text Position is also available. I would prefer to keep an 'x' for 

> For conformance I would prefer to NOT have it on Image and Video ...
 I don't expect that commenting on byte ranges of an image is 
meaningful to anyone. 

Except... isn't it correct that the EXIF metadata is in the first X 
byte of an image? (I may be wrong on this).

> Perhaps a ? on everything, and a tick on Binary?

I would prefer a ? on image & video, tick on Binary, and an 'x' on the

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Received on Wednesday, 4 May 2016 10:19:16 UTC