Re: [web-annotation] Model should allow multiple Selectors per SpecificResource

@azaroth42 : you propose

>multiple selectors SHOULD select the same content (with sufficient 
flexibility to distinguish intellectual content in different 
languages, versus the same exact string in different 
formats/representations), and user agents SHOULD anticipate that some 
selectors will not have as fine grained selection capabilities as 
others. The UA MUST pick one of the selected segments, if different 
segments are described.

I guess what it means, referring back to my [earlier 
 and @tbdinesh 's example, this means that

>However, if I want to annotate the translations of a book, ie, I want
 to make a comment on the Dutch but also the Kannada translations, I 
would think that the example is incorrect, because I should have a 
separate annotation (ie, separate targets with Specific Resources) on 
the two translations, and not bound into one with a multiple selector.

is indeed incorrect, and the author should use multiple targets 

All things considered, I am fine with it. I would propose, however, to
 an an (informative, obviously) note to the text which makes it clear 
that authors should use the possibility for a multiple target, when 
appropriate, to avoid the semantic pitfalls.

(Note that the resolution on this issue should also be valid for issue

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