Re: [web-annotation] Reference to text encoding in spec perhaps not appropriate

I wrote:
 Normalization of whitespace by collapsing all whitespace tokens to a 
single ASCII space character (U+0020). Note that the text MAY begin or
 end with a space character. i.e. no trim is implied that has the 
problem that it leaves spaces in East Asian texts where they may not 
be desired.

@iherman replied:
I am not sure I understand. The only goal of this section is to 
provide a canonical version of the text for unequivocal comparison. 
What does "may not be desired" mean in this respect?

East Asian text is usually written without spaces. In some contexts 
(e.g. HTML source), line breaks and spaces at the start of a line are 
present to make editing easier, but these ideally should be totally 
normalized away rather than collapsed to a single space.

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