Re: [web-annotation] Consistent definitions of the id for External Web Resources and Specific Resources

Solution 1. I would propose that the regular body should reference the
 ExternalResources using the "source" property, similar to the 
(In my opinion, the id should contain the URI that retrieved the body,
 meaning the json serialization of the body)

Solution 2. I the solution 1 is not adopted, I think that we should 
specify that the regular bodies  are external resources and they can 
include only information (metadata) about the resource that is 
accessible for machine reading (e.g. format can be retrieved from 
Content-Type header, language from meta tags, etc.). Additionally, in 
case of outdated metadata, the information (cached) in the body must 
be overwritten with the one retrieved from the External Resource (the 
open question is when to do this?)

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Received on Thursday, 2 June 2016 07:16:17 UTC