Re: [web-annotation] Relationship between dc:language and processing language for multilingual resources

As you say, the fact that one expects that processingLanguage will 
only be used if Language doesn't specify a single language value 
significantly reduces the likelihood that errors will creep in.  
That's why i said that it would be an 'odd case'.

> If you see the problem from the other direction, that the 
processingLanguge is there to be used by text processors, combine with
 a "best-effort" strategy for server implementations, one could end up
 in indexing german text with an english indexer. Which language 
should be set in processingLanguage in this case?
But we *don't* expect processingLanguage to be combined with a 
best-effort strategy for server implementations.  As already said, 
processingLanguage *just* indicates the actual language of the natural
 language text in the string. What a *processor* does is find out from
 the Language/processingLanguage property the language of the text it 
has before it, and then decide what processing it is able to/ought to 
apply to it. The processingLanguage value doesn't tell the processor 
what to do, it just says what the language of the text is.

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