Re: [web-annotation] Relationship between dc:language and processing language for multilingual resources

@r12a well the whole processingLanguage was introduced to be used by 
text processors as I remember. However that topic is addressed in #341

With regard to processing language, I don't expect that the 
processignLanguage will be more precise than the (dc:)language 
property. In the language-processingLanguage relationship, the first 
one is the "master", and the second one was added only to reduce the 
cardinality. Therefore the natural consequence would be that 
processingLanguage is one of the dc:languages. 
This is if you see the problem from this direction.

If you see the problem from the other direction, that the 
processingLanguge is there to be used by text processors, combine with
 a "best-effort" strategy for server implementations,  one could end 
up in indexing german text with an english indexer. Which language 
should be set in processingLanguage in this case?

It is still not the proper answer as I strongly support the #341 
solution, but we could formulate a note like this.

NOTE: If language has multiple values and the processingLanguage is 
set in the annotation, the value of the processingLanguage should be 
one of the values available in the language property. However, in 
particular cases, it is not prohibited to use a different value for 
the processingLanguage.  

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Received on Friday, 12 August 2016 09:17:49 UTC