Re: [web-annotation] Relationship between dc:language and processing language for multilingual resources

@gsergiu if i understand your intent correctly, i think the answer to 
your last comment may be that the processingLanguage value is 
intended, as you say, to simply indicate the actual language of the 
text that it is associated with.  If you want to indicate what 
processes were run on the string text, that's a different thing 

Getting back to the original question posed in this issue, i assume 
that when you refer to dc:language you mean the Language property, in 
contrast to the processingLanguage property. The only situation i can 
think of where the processingLanguage would not be the same as or one 
of the languages in the Language property would be where one value was
 more carefully specified than the other, which seems an odd case 

I don't suppose there's any problem with adding a non-normative note 
of the kind you mention.  It may produce better results in a few 
circumstances, but wouldn't do any harm afaict.

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