Call for Consensus: publish FPWD of Web Annotation Model with short name annotation-model; respond by 2 December 2014.

This is a Call for Consensus (CfC)  to publish a First Public Working Draft (FPWD) of the ‘Web Annotation Data Model’ produced by the Annotation Working Group, and adopting the short name of “annotation-model” for this specification [1]

The publication draft is here:

Please review and note any concerns on the public list ( public-annotation @ ). This CfC ends in two weeks, Tuesday  2 December 2014. 

Please note that a FPWD is just that, a first public draft, so it need not be perfect and subsequent change is possible; publishing this draft should give it further review and attention. 

Please respond to this CfC (even a +1 is useful). Silence will be considered agreement. The anticipated publication date is 14 December.


regards, Frederick and Rob

Frederick Hirsch, Nokia
Rob Sanderson, Stanford
Co-Chairs W3C Web Annotation WG

[1] please note those on the teleconference 12 November agreed to this short name:

Received on Monday, 17 November 2014 14:35:38 UTC