Re: Libraries assuming iso-8859-1 (was: Re: Consensus call to include Display Strings in draft-ietf-httpbis-sfbis)

On 28.05.2023 08:44, Martin J. Dürst wrote:
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> There may also be implementations that just cut off the most significant
> bit in each byte, or otherwise don't let non-ASCII bytes through. It
> would be good to know whether such cases actually have been reported, or
> whether that's just something we think might be out there but isn't
> actually confirmed.
> ...

Historically (before RFC5987), Content-Disposition/filename was sent to
*some* browsers (Webkit, Chromium) using raw ISO-8899-x and/or UTF-8
(and sniffing the encoding). This apparently worked good enough so that
it took a huge amount of lobbying to get the UA implementers to agree to
uniformly support RFC 5987.

So at that point (~10 years ago), support for obs-text was apparently
"good enough" to use in practice.

Best regards, Julian

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