UTF-8 I can live with

IFF we are going to make UTF-8 a distinct data type in SF, which
I still think we should not do, here is a way to do it I can
live with:

		A data type to transfer UTF8 encoding of UniCode sequences.


		If the first cahracter is not "!"
		Remove the "!"
		Call the Byte Sequence parser


		Emit "!"
		Call the Byte Sequence serializer.

	Security Considerations

		UTF8 and UniCode sequences are vectors for a large and
		diverse class of smuggling and confusion attacks.
		Implementations should document clearly where responsibility
		for validation lies:  Caller or callee.

The name clearly says both what this is and isn't.

The serialization does not pose a risk if rendered unscrutinized.

We reuse parser and serializer code to the max.


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