Re: Discovering WebSockets design team

Hi Lucas and all,

I'd like to express my interest in joining the WebSockets design team.
Though not a server or client implementer, I am interested in this problem
and eager to contribute my insights and assist the team.

Best regards,

Momoka Y

On Thu, Apr 13, 2023 at 5:20 AM Lucas Pardue <>

> Hi folks,
> At IETF 116 I took an action to form and lead a design team in order to
> further explore the topic of discovering WebSockets.
> If you're not familiar with design teams, the IETF site provides a good
> intro [1]
> Roughly the purpose of this design team is to a) better refine the problem
> statement related to WebSockets over H2 and H3 b) continue development of
> solution proposals fir presentation back to the WG. There may be multiple
> forms of output from this, possibly across different I-Ds.
> To achieve this, I'm seeking stakeholders on both client and server sides,
> with deep interest in working towards (a) and/or (b).
> If you'd like to join the design team please respond to this email. The
> call for volunteers will end on Friday April 21 23:59 anywhere on earth.
> After that I'll post the list of members and we'll proceed with closed
> meetings.
> Cheers
> Lucas
> [1] -

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