Re: [alto] Httpdir early review of draft-ietf-alto-new-transport-07

On Tue, Apr 4, 2023, at 11:54, wrote:
> Thanks a lot for these wonderful comments! We are sorry for the late 
> response but it took us a while to digest the comments and discuss 
> internally. The responses will arrive in multiple emails, focusing on 
> different aspects.

Take your time.  FWIW, any explaining you feel you might need to do is probably worth capturing in the draft rather than by expanding via email.  There might be some context that doesn't fit in the draft, but for the most part your mail is material I had already picked up on from the draft (which is good) or could be integrated into the draft itself.  Explaining to me doesn't really do you much good; I'm not the one who might be implementing this specification years from now.

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