Re: How to express no matching results in HTTP SEARH method?

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>> The question remains open, "how to express a successful SEARCH
>> response with an unsuccessful search result when returning an entity
>> body is desired?" Does it warrant a new 2xx status code? I think
>> this will be a common situation for many people who would be willing
>> to migrate their GET-style searching where they could use a 404 to
>> express it.
> Note that there was a very similar discussion during the
> standardization of DNS-over-HTTPS (RFC 8484). The decision was that
> 200 is the proper code even if the DNS request was unsuccessful. To
> quote the RFC "For example, a successful 2xx HTTP status code is used
> even with a DNS message whose DNS response code indicates failure,
> such as SERVFAIL or NXDOMAIN."
> The rationale being "HTTP succeeded, so 200, even if DNS failed".

That rationale would be bogus. They are just being lazy.


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