Re: Call For Adoption Live Byte Ranges

On 12/19/16 2:30 PM, Patrick McManus wrote:
> Does anyone have any *additional* input on adopting this document? it 
> seems that there is strong support so far.
> We'll keep the our several CFAs open through the new year and then 
> make a determination. Thanks.
> -Patrick
Thanks Patrick,

In consideration of Poul-Henning Kamp's feedback and some evolution in 
my own preferences, I'm drafting a revision to the Live Bytes Range 
draft to define the "Very Large Value" as a specific numerical value - 
after realizing that 2^63 bytes doesn't really represent a practical limit.

e.g. At 50Mb/s, a representation limited to 2^63 bytes representation 
could cover over 46000 years. Even at 1Gb/s, 2339 years could be 

2^63 is 9223372036854775808 (decimal). I've defined a smaller value to 
avoid potential conflicts and to make the value more easily 
identifiable: 9222999999999999999.

I think having a clearly-defined Very Large Value such as this to 
represent the indeterminate end of content will be more 
deterministic/easily implemented than having a Server try to establish a 
VLV in each HTTP exchange. But I'd appreciate any thoughts prior to 
revising the draft.

Thanks much - and Happy New Year,


craig pratt

Caspia Consulting




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