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>> >Note that if a client supporting an encrypted response payload sets gzip in
>> >Accept-Encoding, it probably means it's willing to decompress *after*
>> >decryption, [...]
>> That be an information leak.  We shouldn't say anything which tells
>> anybody anything about what the encrypted data means.
>Good point, which brings back the header fields encryption. Thus maybe
>as was suggested, if any header is to be encrypted it should be moved
>to the payload part (mime or so).

It's very simple:  You have an envelope everybody can see (the headers)
and you have the content (the body).

Anything you want to keep secret goes in the body.

>That said, a correct encryption algorithm would not be weakened
>by knowing that the first 3 bytes are expected to be 0x1f8b08.

Which is why really good crypt always has initial and trailing non-sense.

And you non-sense had better be good:

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