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>> Leaving C-E entirely out of the picture will make no difference in
>> any scenario I can come up with (Please enlighten me if such scenarios
>> exist).
>> I think it would make much more sense to concentrate all the relevant
>> information in a single new header (Content-Encryption ?) which would
>> make Vary "just work".
>Interesting. But it would make it harder for a recipient to identify
>in what order to apply transformations then if both content-encoding
>and content-encryption are set.

Encryption first.

If you allow a client to retrieve get both a encrypt(plaintext) and
encrypt(gzip(plaintext)) at their choice, you have revealed information
about the payload which should be secret.

If you waste CPU cycles gzip'ing the ciphertext you only harm your
CO2 footprint.

If people want to save bandwidth with compression, they have to compress
before the encryption, and include the bit which says "compressed" in
the plaintext passed to the encryption algorithm.

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