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>> I keep hearing this argument over and over. Is the goal just to finish, no
>> matter what?
>Of course not. But finishing is critically important.

Absolutely, but the quality of the result is far more important
than some arbitrary deadline.

>An open standard is the output the process is judged by - and if it can't
>produce that in a timely fashion then this forum has failed. 

It has also fails if the produced standard is not good enough.

>We have spent almost 2 1/2 years vetting and tweaking a pre-existing
>technology in an open forum.

That's certainly one way to look at it.

My view is that the WG forged ahead on an urealistic schedule and
the wrong prototype, and is still not finished pull weeds and still
has basic issues to resolve.

Here is a cautionary tale of bad standardisation:

Issues #2, #3 and #4 (last pages) are clearly relevant to this WG.

And if the editor is burned out, we should find another, rather than
publish whatever he burned out over.

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