Re: Sending priority from a server

On 2014–07–12, at 7:07 AM, Martin Thomson <> wrote:

> Anyhoo, I'd be happy to entertain something that allowed a server to
> prioritize uploads, but this is - I think - not a great idea.

Prioritization isn’t a choice. Everything must be assigned a priority in a prioritizing multiplexer.

Is it reasonable to require that every PUSH gets default priority? Certainly not; the application very probably has some idea of the relative urgency of the information. Is the HTTP/2 definition of priority strong enough to stop a server from applying priority anyway? Also no; even if the priority is nominally default a server can order frames however it likes.

The urge to put something clever in every special case is a destructive one. At most, second-guessing should be discouraged by a note that initialized push priority is voluntary information from the server, and usually should not be taken as a basis for negotiation. But, any program that tries to treat the other side as a slave (client or server) by constructive interpretation of the protocol is going to act pathologically anyway.

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