Re: should tools like wget implement HTTP 2.0?

AND, wget and curl are valuable diagnostic tools when websites are
not working for whatever reason. So I'd recommend that their
respective development communities implement 2.0 support

On Sun, 3 Nov 2013, Martin Thomson wrote:

> On 3 November 2013 08:59,  <> wrote:
> > Is there any reason why HTTP file transfer clients like curl and wget should
> > ever implement 2.0?
> That's not our choice.  Though I would suggest that some of the wget
> modes of operation would benefit; and there are potentially some
> advantages to be gained from having opportunistic encryption for http:
> resources.
> > More radically, since there is no benefit for uploads, should HTTP 2.0 even
> > support the upload verbs?
> Absolutely yes.  There's more to HTTP PUT than file upload.  And the
> benefits to proxies and gateways in terms of multiplexing are
> incredible.

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