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That is consistent with what we've seen / heard; deflate never or almost never actually gets used because gzip is usually also an option and tends to be preferred.


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I have a limited sample of wild web proxy data streams which I could
check for what is used.

In a data sample that lasted about 5 minutes, I captured 4500+ 
request/responses. Of these:
   648 has a non-empty Content-encoding
   638  gzip
     2  none
     1  UTF-8
     6  sdch,gzip
In the same data
  2436 have a non-empty accept encoding on the request
  2433 were gzip, deflate
     3 were gzip

There were 836 unique host names in the data. ( and are unique). And roughly 350 unique sites.

In this sample, as processed, there were no deflate encoded responses.

If someone could provide sniff like rules I could apply to deflate
content, if I find any, to determine which variation it is, I can
examine the data again as well as some additional data I have to
see if deflate is used and how many sites use it. 

This user population is probably biased to variations of IE but
I don't have user agent analysis handy.

Ideally, you'd send a python regex I could just fold into my tool.

Dave Morris

On Tue, 23 Mar 2010, Julian Reschke wrote:

> On 23.03.2010 02:48, Dan Winship wrote:
> > On 03/22/2010 08:49 PM, Mahdavi, Jamshid wrote:
> > > We could try to clarify this by adding an implementation note to the
> > > text. Alternately, since some servers actually do implement *just* the
> > > 1951 version, we could add another content-coding which is
> > > specifically for this.
> > 
> > My understanding is that the "bare" version is actually more common on
> > the web than the correct version, due to the fact that at least IE6 and
> > IE7 (not sure about 8 and 9) only support the bare version, and most
> > other browsers support both.
> Sounds like it would be cool to have test cases...
> > ...
> BR, Julian

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